Today is Friday

We had a great art celebration last night and the nervous energy that's kept me going all week has drained from my body. I need some good, loud music to perk me up! Maybe some Cult or Silvertide to rock out to while I'm cleaning the condo?
CD's I need to remember to buy next week: Ryan Adams, Radiohead, The Cinematics, Dave Gahan, The Redwalls, Vicious Vicious and The Hives.
Do you ever KNOW you've made a mistake the minute you do it but can't stop yourself?!
-Mistress AMG

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Nathan said...

I got the radiohead cd via the web. Pretty cool that it's pay what you want... Rolling Stone Mag did an article that stated Radiohead was estimated selling the disc for around $10 a copy which is pretty good since you could get it for free.

Vicious Vicious disc is also very solid.