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Zeppelin goes live on iTunes and the Eagles reach number on the billboard charts... hmmm sounds like flashbacks instead of moving forward!?! Where are all the great rock bands of today? Just turn on the radio and a majority of the alt/rock played today is back from the early to mid 90's with the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and not to leave out Zeppelin which is still on heavy rotation; and should be. Vintage sounds and UNDER produced songs are real, alive and in your face. There is more feeling on a records with 4 tracks (vocals, bass, drums and guitar) then 150. We need to find new raw music and the resurgence of old rock will always be there especially if the new rock music continues to suck. There are a few new groups which I feel revive the rock souls of yesterday: Black Keys and Wolfmother.

*You can now buy 165 Zeppelin song catalog for $99
*Eagles could sell a million copies of whale sounds
*Radiohead likes the attention to try something new - which I like (it's called being an artist)

I don't know where I'm going with this but I'm not real happy with what the kids are getting put in front of their faces; music wise.

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Mahlquist said...

Seems like music has lost its fullness with the dawn of digital. As long as an engineer has some decent mics, the sound is so crisp and clean. Nothing but the instruments - which is problematic, because it completely divorces the band from what they actually sound like. Some buddies of mine cut a disc in MPLS and it turned out so bizarrely different from their live sets. They sounded reduced. Songs that had been riotous became too perfect, and any sort of edge they had was lost.

Steve Albini may be a jerkoff, but he understands the importance of the edgey aesthetic. If you're in a rock band, people (those who aren't jamming Nickelback and other digital-era grunge cast aways) aren't interested in hearing you sound perfect and controlled. What they want is something that sounds like it was wrestled into shape, that it was a product of human work instead of machine correction. Think Beat Happening or the Buzzcocks - brilliant pop songs that are a little rough. Just a taste of what seeing them live might be like.

Or I could be totally off base, spouting my own personal preference.

O and down with Zep. Boo. Hiss.