European Vacation

Day 1: Mpls to Newark to Zurich by plane. Zurich to St Galen by train. Spent the evening watching a new age documentary featuring musicians from Michael Stipe to Grant Lee Phillips to The Greatful Dead and eating German sausages.
Day 2: St Galen to Zurich by train. Spent the evening at a sold-out Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert.
Day 3: The tram to the airport. Zurich to Vienna by plane. Spent the night drinking free Jameson courtesy of the Irish Ambassador at the Bluebird Singer Songwriter showcase.
Day 4: Spent the day in the Museum Quarter at the Christmas Market drinking gleuwein and eating the Viennese version of spatzel. Bought three pairs of boots and 70 euros worth of dark chocolate. Spent the evening at a sold-out Chris Hardford gig.
Day 5: 5 am taxi to the train, train to the airport. Vienna to Amsterdam to Mpls by plane.

-Mistress AMG

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