Fond memories of SXSW 2008

"Opening session" with Kim, Taco, Thorn and Keith on the patio of Iron Cactus. (I'm so sunburned!)
Seeing the 50 Records kids in their shirts everyday. (Who knew five girls could shower in under an hour?)
Catching South acoustically at the Blue Hammock party. (Hello Rocco.)
Watching Tim challenge "The Racoon" to a dance off on 6th Street.
Seeing Elevation and White Light Riot SHINE during their showcases. (I will feel so satisfied when everyone in the world loves them as much as I do.)
Andrew in the "panties."
Governor's Party (Thurs, Fri and Sat).
Seeing Keith, Nate and Tim dirty dance (together)!
Catching Tokyo Police Club acoustically at The Current stage (and being able to tell them how great they were at the airport on Sunday morning).
Running into friends everywhere.
Staying up all night on Saturday to catch our 4:30 am taxi to the airport (I guess I'm not to old to party all night!?)

I managed to catch a cold on the plane home.

--Mistress AMG

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