Forbes 2008 Billionaire List

Today I have not stopped thinking about the released list of Forbes 2008 Billionaires. Hearing about the list of people in the world that have all this money just boggles my mind!! It initially shocked me that Bill Gates reign of number one billionaire has ceased and has dropped down on the list to number three. Ahead of him two new men. Number one billionaire is his friend and sometimes partner Warren Buffett worth an estimated $62 billion dollars! Gates is only worth a measly $58 billion, psh what happened to him!
To me the most shocking on the list is not the top leaders of the list because they have worked their adult life towards those dollars and it’s based upon companies, stocks, investments and what not… all things that hurt my brain to comprehend. What I sit in disbelief about is Mark Zuckerberg. The 23 year old creator of Facebook, who has an estimated worth of $1.7 billion. Somehow Mark has more money than I think four generations of my children after me will ever possess in accumulation, for creating a social online network that, if anything, has cost me nothing but hours of nothingness entertainment. I sit on facebook for hours upon hours doing nothing truly productive, and even so addicted to the point I have my Blackberry set up on alerts so I know when I receive notifications.
I am a recent newbie to the age of 23 and I feel the only thing I have accomplished is two diplomas, one from high school, one from college, two maxed out credit cards, phone bills and who even knows what other bills sitting high on my desk as I eat ramen noodles about once a day because that is all I can afford. Yet, Mark Zuckerberg can blow his nose in dollar bills if he so desired. One word: UNFAIR.
I seem to have my best ideas while I dream, so hopefully by the time I turn 24, I’ll have a billionaire idea of creating something that expands as quickly as google, monster.com, facebook and myspace has for their creators. I don’t need a billion dollars even, just a few million would do! I won’t be greedy!

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Jodi said...

I believe a lot of those people had money to begin with so they had an advantage. I saw Ted Turner on a talk show once. He said that he is one of the most unhappy people because he's never satisfied.

I greatly admire the folks who have a dream, develop it, work it, and never let go. It's how everything starts. These people will find their niche and be everything they wanted to be.

Work out of today and instead of spending on items that you think will make you comfortable, focus on long-term goals and watch things take form based on your thinking. It's amazing how it works!

Money is not richness, life is.