I never really appreciated or understood the purpose of Decaf coffee, it always sounded kind of wimpy to me. I like to drink my coffee black, and if it doesn't have caffeine I don't see the point... or didn't, anyway. Ella Fitzgerald didn't sing about "decaf coffee and cream, lets me slumber and dream". Uh uh, she and whoever else sang the old bluesy tune 'black coffee' sing "I'm talking to the shadows from 1 o'clock til 4 And lord, how slow the moments go When all I do is pour Black coffee". I never had a problem falling asleep after drinking coffee (perhaps not normal) but now I'm wondering (after a couple of caffeine induced headaches) if a pot of coffee a day (about 5 cups, or whatever, I don't count) is a little too much. As a music lover I should probably start replacing some of those mugs of coffee with alcohol - it's probably even healthier, right? Of course, I could always drink decaf...

Aussie Ben

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