Music This Week

So I'm going to see Ours on Thursday at the Fine Line, The Electric Fetus 40th Anniversary Party on Friday at First Avenue, The Stone Arch Music Festival on Saturday & Sunday and A Midsummer Night's Dream at The Guthrie on Sunday.

I hear that the Ours show isn't selling so well, which is too bad because Jimmy G & co put on a great show full of emotion and passion. I have never been disappointed by one of their performances. Plus Rick Ruben produced the new album and we all know what he did to revive the careers of JC, ND, DC and MW.

I can't believe the Fetus has been around for 40 years; that really says something about a commitment to good music! Congrats to the whole staff who always make me feel OK about my taste in music and never judge or laugh in my face!

Murzik, Spaghetti Western and Romantica are all playing the SAF, which is why I'm going; gotta support the local bands!

And what can I say, I LOVED Shakespeare in HS, I was the geek who understood the language and raised my hand anytime the teacher asked a question. I didn't date much and this is probably why! I'm throwing this under Music This Week because I hear this is pretty close to a rock interpretation of the play... and I can't wait.

--Mistress AMG

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