Sex on Fire

THIS IS ONE REASON WHY I LOVE KINGS OF LEON! Being a lover of classic southern rock, Kings gives me the grittiness and sexiness I expect, but with a modern edge. The new single “Sex on Fire” is the epitome of what I mean, (and not just because the words “sex” and “fire” are in the title). I wish I could say I understand the meaning of the song, but I’ll admit I don’t really get it. In my defense, though, when I play it I need to be armed with Kleenex to wipe the drool off my face. Yesterday for example, “Sex on Fire” came on the radio in the office and my body went all rigor mortis and I felt like my eyes were spinning around in cartoon-y circles. When the song faded out and my body melted back to real-time I remember thinking, “what the fuck just happened?” Same goes for the video, it will knock your socks right off.



Here's the Vid:
Sex On Fire


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