Are Majors Becoming Obsolete?

With the rise of the indies being years in the making, and the fall of the majors being decades in the making, is it time to call majors obsolete yet? The majors still monopolize the billboards, with a few indies breaking into the boards, but sales are down. Top of the lows is what the majors control now, and indies making record sales because of the rise of talent through cheaper recording practices. Who needs that "Major" deal anyways? Everybody knows its a scam. They pay you money, and your happy. You do a lot of drugs, and now your broke. You think, oh, I'll just keep making music and I'll get money. No. You owe the label all the money they gave you that you sniffed away.

Who didn't see this coming? With the internet age, just about anybody except your grandmother can be posting music online. While your grandmother is still trying to download MP3's on a typewriter, the next "next" big indie label is going to step up and possible outsell the majors. Artists are wising up and working with indies since it is more of an incentive deal, you do good you get paid and you don't… you don't. Simple. You do better next time. Majors are still on the, you get paid, you do good, they bleed you dry till they find another. You do bad, they drop the artist and they never touch music again unless its on mixtapes, reunion tours, or a reality show.

In Conclusion, majors are not close to being obsolete though since they own TV, radio, venues, stadiums, and you. They have investors, and people who believe it can change, and little do they know record sales are a bubble that started a few decades ago, and when that internet needle came and popped it, indies jumped on life rafts that were significantly smaller but they are making some waves. The last major waves from the majors get smaller everyday, while the indies grow from their small ships. So Indies haven't taken over yet, they just haven't hit their bubble yet.

Inspired by HypeBots prank, Major Labels are Obsolete

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