WMG Mafia Tactics

This just in, Warner Music Group wants more money for music video game sales!

Just when things look up with Rock Band's 12 million sales of tracks, WMG's chief executive, Edgar Bronfman, states, "The amount being paid to the music industry, even though their games are entirely dependent on the content we own and control, is far too small."

That all may be true, but isn't it a little late? They already sold 12 million tracks for the game, do you think that in later games people will be willing to pay a larger price? Price from what I've seen is already around $1.99x + $159(special edition). Add a dollar to the equation and chief up there thinks "whats going to be the difference?"

Money drives all industries, and I'm sure the company that owns Rock Band is using the money to expand on their games, which will help push more artists for majors and indies. Just because WMG's stocks have fallen, Sony BMG is now SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment, Inc), and indies have grown past what was expected, they want to increase their prices to a successful business in mafia like standards. I would think that if Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and other games like that helped raise awareness of bands and increase record sales, they would keep the cut they are getting or charge less to get more benefits later on from improved games.

Hey, chief, I guess in that nice business chair that maybe lost a wheel, or that nice fedora hat that let a screw drop out your head, you are getting nervous that a growing trend in the music industry is making more money than you thought, so you want a larger piece of the pie. I'm not going to lie, if I was expecting to make a small pie, and it ended up bigger than I thought, I would want a larger piece too. At least I cooked the pie, and didn't just take a larger slice when I saw my friends slice may be comparable to mine.

Inspired by the Billboard.biz Article - Warner Music: Music Video Games Must Pay More

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