Finding Love Through Music

Now this is for all the married couples, or couples in general. Here is something that has been bugging me for awhile. Is the main reason yall "clicked" because of music? Would you ever have loved your soul mate if they liked a different style than what you like? I am doing a little research to figure this out and write a follow up a little later.

I feel music is strong enough to deter some people away from somebody who has everything else in common. Everybody has a "song" and what if they never get that. What if there never is that one song they can agree on for the wedding or there's never that song that reminds you of when you met? If you had a favorite song or a favorite artist your girl hated, what would you do? Let me hear what everybody has to say. Personally, music is the first topic I bring up with a girl and second of course is family. Most don't get past the first before I lose interest.

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Keveeno Reeverts

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Krista said...

I definitely agree that the music my boyfriend listens to has to be at least partially in sync with my taste as well. The type of music someone likes can generally be associated with what type of person they are so most of the males I have dated have had similar music tastes to my own without me having to check first before I dated them.