Jake Jagielski Live

Lately I've become enthralled (again) with One Tree Hill.

SoapNet is stealing my life.

So anyway, imagine my surprise when I saw Jake Jagielski's beautiful face chinning-up at me from The Fine Line Music Cafe's windows on my walk to work this morning.

I thought I was seeing things.

So I made a mental note of that name-- "Bryan Greenberg. Is Jake Jagielski's real name Bryan Greenberg? I guess I never thought to notice..."

It is. And he'll be at the Fine Line on Monday with Graham Colton, Michael Tolcher and Tim Brantley. So here's the quandry:

Stay home and watch One Tree Hill, or go to the Fine Line to see Jake Jagielski in person?

Guess it will depend on whether I can convince any of my friends to see him with me...


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rambling girl said...

i absolutely love graham colton:)