Office Observations

I sit looking out the window that overlooks a downtown Minneapolis street only to notice the lack of activity due to the cold weather that has “plopped” itself over the city for the season. Inactivity except for a few sightings: I see the “mohawk man” is outside smoking, a familiar sight, which is strangely comforting to me. Traffic enforcement is out in full-force; ready to swoop down from the rooftops the instant a meter flashes red. I laugh a little when I see a businessman decked out in a Men’s Warehouse suit and Florsheims running to his car only to see that the traffic cop has started writing him ticket.

I can only imagine the conversation:
Businessman: “NoooOOOOO".

Traffic Cop: “Sorry, I can’t stop once I’ve started".

Businessman: “That’s what she said".

I leave you with that.

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Krista said...

hahaha i love this blog post