The Record Industry is like a Bad Relationship

I keep seeing several different ways this industry is trying to push their agenda of a song itself as a main selling point. Like most of my old relationships (not the current one), I'ma keep it short…

I believe the industry is stuck on trying to bring back that love (money in reality) people once gave to it. It is sort of turning bad with spamming (myspace bulletins), reverse stalking (allowing people waaay too much info about some artists), name calling (many music blogs), crying (see some of the top company presidents), cheating (BitTorrent and sites like it), and even some hope being suddenly crushed (record yearly sales compared to some weekly sales). This industry is pushing itself way too hard on the people and in response people react unfavorably. I wonder if there ever will be an official breakup of music/money and its ex, the people, or will the people forget this outburst of emotions and take the industry back as its love?

From the mind of

Keveeno Reeverts

PS- the record industry is the money part.. the music industry is where people cheat on the record industry.


Anonymous said...

That picture is so fitting

Tooth said...

Hey Keveeno, could you elaborate on the post script? I'm not quite sure what you mean.

Keveeno said...

I was sorta just writing, stating that in a bad relationship, there is always one part trying to make it work, in this case the record industry. The other part, the people who pay for it is not falling for its tricks and is fading away from it, and is "cheating" on it by taking the music underneath it. I don't know, just felt like comparing the music industry to relationships.

Anonymous said...

haha i like the picture. There will always be a relationship between the music industry and people whether it is healthy or disfunctional. Not sure on a solution just yet, but I'll keep you posted.