Successful Indie Strategies

Awesome series of articles on Hypebot.
How indies are breaking new bands

There are definitely some key themes:
-Partnerships with bigger companies
-Commercial placement (tv/film)
-Diversifying merch
-Collaborations with other artists (reaching new fans)
-Build a community of fans (consistent web content)

50 Entertainment's Kyle Bylin will touch on this more in depth in a future Hypebot feature.

What do you think indie labels should be doing to break their bands?


Tooth said...

Partnerships with bigger companies are crucial, but not always possible for smaller labels. Anyone have any suggestions on how to forge these relationships?

Angie said...

I will always contest that THE most important thing is hardcore touring and selling merch, merch, merch...Get out there and meet the fans. Make that shirt they buy something they'll cherish for a long time.

Jodi said...

Make the experience with the artist as outstanding as the merchandise they offer and mix it with the ability to re-invent; now that's a winning recipe.