How old is too old for men and women to...

•Too old to wear a letter jacket – high school – 19 & college - 22

•Too old to wear hooker boots at the bar – 21 (let’s be honest, only underagers dress like hussies when they go to the bar)

•Too old to go to Spin Nightclub – 18½ (once you reach second semester in college you should already be over Spin)

•Too old to shop at Hollister – 13

•Too old to wear a knee length jean skirt – 0 years old

•Too old to go to Big Island (Lake Minnetonka) on Saturdays – 35 years old (just bc you have a big boat doesn’t mean I want to see your beer belly and hairy body trying to scam on college aged girls)

•Too old to live on campus – 27 (but that is only if you are in grad school, I say 25 latest otherwise, sometimes it takes awhile to let go of the best years of your life)

•Too old to wear your hair in pig tails – depends if you can pull them off or not

•Too old to go to Mexico during spring break time – never too old

•Too old to get black-out drunk – 28 and that’s only on occasion

•Too old to have your belly button pierced – when you have kids or you gain too much weight

•Too old to live with your parents – it depends on how many levels in the house…if you have access to separate door (excluding the sliding door) into the house than your parents add ten years.

•Too old to eat easy mac – 25 years old

•Too old to buy your underwear from Limited Too – 8 years old

•Too old to wear PINK by Victoria’s Secret – once you get married

•Too old to do the walk of shame – the age you can start to afford taxi fare.

•Too old to wear a slutty Halloween custom – 21

•Too old to do the “kissy face” in pictures – in moderation it never goes out of style

•Too old to wear your hat backwards – when you can no longer get student tickets for sporting events.

•Too old to use your student ID for discounts at the movies – when you start to get wrinkles.

If you have any others, please comment!! We always need a good laugh!



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rambling girl said...

too old to have a myspace page--depends on if you're a creeper