Rock Shows and Emos

A friend scored a last minute spot on the list for the Anberlin show, so I tagged along as the +1. I agreed to go because I figured there would be some old skool fans in attendance. NOT even close. Da club was full of emos. To illustrate: I was searching for my emo styled friend (who will remain nameless), but I was unsuccessful because the silhouettes of skinny jeans, tight t-shirts and layered/teased hair all looked the same in the dim house lights.

I don't have anything against this social...movement, if you will, but understand that I grew up during the boy band era. An era where closest sounding EMOtional music in my repertoire was Alanis Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill" and "it's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife" was located on the furthest reaches of the drama spectrum.

My [semi] point: I was in no way prepared for this scene. The emo scene. Not to mention how old I felt and I hadn't been 24 for even a week. I felt ancient, especially when the bouncer shouted "if you're under 18, get out, you're curfew is 10pm."

Around the time I started feeling bad about my old-self, a nice emo girl sporting a fake ID bellied up to the bar next to me. We got to talking about music and soon reached the inevitable question, "what is your favorite band?" I quickly fired, "Zeppelin." Emo girl responded, "umm, who." I knew then and there that it was time for me to ramble on.




Joy said...

I've never heard of a bar yelling "curfew". That's hilarious. Is there an age limit on being emo?

Tooth said...

Whatever Torrey, you have "emo" hair yourself:)

Kate said...

bahahahaha hilariouuusss

Anonymous said...

try this... dress Emo and look sexy. Mission failed everytime.

rambling girl said...

haha yes, i do have emo hair. everyone has a lil emo in them:)

rambling girl said...

haha, angie thought the emo kids in the photo were the new interns. she made a frantic phone call to me.