Why Should I Care about your Music?

I’ve been getting bombarded recently by MySpace bands telling me they are the "best" I’ve ever heard (and a few saying they are the worse). As well as at my job where I cashier I had a customer tell me that he knows a great rap group. So I listened to him talk about them, but he said nothing that was out the ordinary, just shit I hear on a regular basis. So I ask you, the viewers of my blog, why should we care about your music or anybody’s when everybody and they mama is now doing music? Just speak your mind and I’ll keep this short.

PS- No spammers

From the mind of
Keveeno Reeverts


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courtney said...

I think in most cases you have to make people care about the artist as much or more as they care about the artist's music, unless it's something REALLY special.

also- adding me on myspace with a message that says "buy our brand new album for 9.99 on itunes!" is NOT effective when i have no idea who you are. please.