The Silent "I" in T(i)eam

A team is a compilation of "I"s. I do not believe the phrase “there is no I in team”, which means we all work together and are only as strong as our weakest link. If that is true, than every team sport would completely fail. If there is no “I” than why do we hold stats? What are we bee’s, or ants? No. We are a whole lotta “I”s and until we realize that most DIY’s involving solely one person will fail.

2 guys (or girls or a mix) of "I"s working towards one goal. That's 2 heads that are usually so incompatible with each other that if it was anything else it would not work. With one goal and 2 different objectives to reach it, it could work.

3 or more people striving towards one goal. Every person though has their own “I”, their own life. While working toward one thing they are a team but every ceo/ leader/ whoevers in charge sometimes has trouble looking at every person…as a person. That is why everything is in a bracket where their are leaders leading down to the lowest positions.

so what?

One thing when I talk to people, I stress the need to work with other people. A lot of artists love working alone, they book their own shows, they do everything themselves. That works fine but as work builds up, so does tension and everything that goes with added workloads. I have a few artists/Dj’s, and other people who read my blog so this is mostly to them.

Find somebody to work with, a mentor, somebody you can trust. Somebody who can help you with your load so you can be the best at the position your at. Multitasking is alright, but we need people for specific jobs otherwise your career will be considerably short or some part of your job will not be as full as it should be.

There should be an "I" in team, because not one person can do everything… well at least anyway.

Open for discussion, let me know what yall think

From the mind of
Keveeno Reeverts


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