Supposedly Kanye West just found out he has a high ego thanks to South Park (breaking story here).

The YouTube video has been removed by Viacom (buttholes!), but a big thanks to Dailymotion for letting this slip through the cracks for a little while longer.

I wonder if (through the logic of South Park's Cartman) peoples' egos are so out of wack that no matter what people tell them, they can’t accept the truth of who they are. Their ego won’t let them believe that people are better than them. So I hope Kany”ego” calms down a little back to when he first came out and actually make good music again.

Skip to near the end of the video and you’ll find why I can never listen to heartless again.

Do you like fish sticks?

From the mind of

Keveeno Reeverts


Anonymous said...

I knew Kanye was a big gay fish from the start.

L said...

South Park continues to amaze me. Every episode they put out is so relevant to the present state of pop culture, politics, etc...
I guess they do have a never ending supply of material to work with. I also like that there is always a moral at the end of an episode. This Kanye (gay fish) episode tells people to just be themselves. Family friendly as far as I'm concerned.