Kevin's Top Songs (#7)

Howdy y’all,

Due to finals week I haven’t been able to deliver new music to you however, I did discover some pretty cool stuff. **WARNING** eclectic music mix ahead…

So apparently there is this huge competition in Europe called Eurovision… who knew! Well not this American and unfortunately so because the couple clips I watched were awesome! The song I put on there is the winner, Alexander Rybak from Norway, he wrote everything by himself.

Also in this post I am showcasing two young bands that I stumbled upon. They are from Kenosha, WI and have a lot of talent and passion for music, which is awesome to see! Check ‘em out on myspace. http://www.myspace.com/bainstation and http://www.myspace.com/ourownsyndrome

Then there’s the new Lady Gaga ft. Rihanna song (Silly Boy) which apparently isn’t either of them… anyone know the real truth? If it isn’t them then the people that created the song should considered a career in music cause they got something!

There’s also some dance / electronic stuff, along with some Canadian hip hop and to finish it off some hip hop infusion.

Happy Summer ya cool cats!


1. Alexander Rybak - "Fairytale"
2. Our Own Syndrome - "Pride Like Lions"
3. Our Own Syndrome - "The Fiasco"
4. Bain Station - "Act I"
5. Bain Station - "Relucesco"
6. Lady Gaga ft. Rihanna - "Silly Boy"
7. Hilltop Hoods - "Chase the Feeling"
8. A-Trak ft. Lupe Fiasco - "Mastered"
9. The Prodigy - "World's on Fire"
10. The Crystal Method - "Drown in the Now"
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Joy said...

Bain Station is a really good band. Thanks for introducing them to me.

T0oth said...

Yeah, I like the Bain Station trax too, but my favorite is the hilltop hoods. Nice mix of genres there Kev!