What Makes a Good Artist (to You)

One thing that I have noticed about people is their different tastes in music. I’ve been a fan of hip hop since I started listening to music, which sadly wasn’t until 2001. It took a few complications in my life that made me realize what a gift this music was. Before that, I did listen to music but I didn’t care for it as much… it was just something in the background. It wasn’t until I listened to (unfortunately) Eminem that I understood why people loved rap. His music was catchy, controversial, and at that time in my life it spoke to me. I grew, but of course Eminem stayed the same and his music didn’t speak to me anymore.

What I’m getting at is that for each person, their favorite artists/songs speak to them in a way that it doesn’t for other people. Whether it’s the beat, lyrics, artist, or just a random catch phrase in a song, there’s something different in it for every person. I grew up with my sister being very critical, always asking me “why do you like this?” and it made me actually look into it. So this is open to interpretation, I want to know people’s favorite artists or favorite song and why.

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Keveeno Reeverts


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Keveeno said...

What makes a good artist to me is just somebody who has talent first, lyrics second, and a good backing track. My favorite all time artist is between Bill Withers, Anthony Hamilton, and Talib Kweli for rap.