Through Life and Death, MJ Rumors Still Spread

Through life and Death, MJ rumors still spread
Here are the top rumors about Michael Jackson that are either just stupid, or have some shred of truth.

Michael Jackson faked his own death
Are they fuckin serious. Excuse the language but let the man have his peace. Tupac did not fake his own death. Elvis did not fake his own death. Let them all have their peace. Thank you.

Al Malnik claims he’s the father of all of MJ’s children
This guy is out here saying he’s the father of all his children. He claims he’s also the executor of MJ’s will due to the money he had lent him. I’m guessing he’s trying to get in on some of MJ’s money.

One of several molestation charges
The man is now 29, and claimed he was molested and got a 15 million dollar settlement out of it. Now a judge announces that no charges have ever been filed. Seriously, I think most of the charges against him were false, and the charges were filed as a way for the parents to make quick money by convincing their kids to see things that have never happened.
If you know of any more rumors that you see that you think are just stupid, spread the word. Maybe eventually people will allow him to finally get the rest that many people never let him get.

There are also growing rumors that the doctor overdosed him on morphine or Demerol. It doesn’t help that he has a song called morphine. They also say that he was addicted to it.

Michael Jackson may you finally rest in peace. Your music defined a generation, and you will always live forever within all of us. Thank you for everything. RIP

From the mind of
Keveeno Reeverts

Now here is my top 5 all time favorite MJ songs. RIP man, we love you.

5- Black or White

4-Beat It


2-Billie Jean

1-Man in the Mirror

Honorable Mentions


Smooth Criminal


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