And the biggest mixed message of the year goes to...U2

When I heard U2's plan to perform a free concert in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I thought it was great. After spending a semester abroad in Berlin, I got a feel for the city's unique history. Celebrating with music is the most fitting way to honor the reunification. One of Berlin's distinguishing characteristics is it's music scene. There is literally something for everyone. U2's free show sounded like a great idea and a great opportunity...

Until I woke up this morning and read this:

MTV, Tear Down that Wall

Honestly? No one involved in planning that event stood up and said, "Hey, isn't this kind of the opposite statement we are trying to make here?" When U2 said they were giving a free concert, what they actually meant was they were giving away 10,000free tickets, and only those 10,000 were allowed in. The rest were kept out by a 2 meter barrier that went all the way around the performance area. Another wall surrounding the Brandenburg Gate.

Now, I understand safety concerns and crown control, but if the only solution was to build another wall I would almost prefer the concert not have happened at all rather than screw up the blatantly obvious symbolism that will be the only memorable part of the evening.



Tooth said...

How much you wanna bet that building another wall was Bono's idea. He's soooo deep

Anonymous said...

Hey I like Bono! Anyways, the band has earned the right to do whatever they please. biggest stadium tours ever.

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