McDonalds is NO Fun

CAUTION: Copying YouTube videos for your personal entertainment can get you in trouble with the cops.

No, seriously. Four teenagers in Utah received disorderly conduct citations for copying this YouTube video:

Sounds hilarious, right? Apparently this McDonalds doesn't agree. The teens were asked to speak plainly, and when they refused to break character, the manager called the police. McDonalds claims they were holding up the line and disturbing the peace. The kids say no one else was in line and they were just having fun.

Honestly, McDonalds, lighten up already. 80% of your clientele are far from sober most of the time anyway. I doubt this is the worst thing that's come thru their drive thru. Although I've never been to Utah.



Mark T. said...

Some people take there jobs too seriously, but I guess I don't know what the kids were saying. Could'v e been unbearably stupid.

Tooth said...

Hey if they want a rap career they gotta get started on building those criminal records. Next crime: Attempting to break dance at walmart.