Must Be Bob Dylan

It's the time of giving, sharing, and holiday fun.  This year Bob Dylan released a Christmas album titled "Christmas in the Heart."  In my book, Bob Dylan can do no wrong.  Is it kind of tacky and weird?  Sure, but it's Bob Dylan and he can do whatever he wants and he will whether you like it or not.  He's written enough hits to prove he's pure talent and a genius songwriter.  He became famous during a time when talent was required unlike most "artists" you hear on the radio today.

If you're a hardcore Dylan fan I suggest seeing the legend in concert.  It's a trip and a half.  He remixes his classic hits and nothing sounds quite the same.  That's Dylan though and it's amazing.

Here is Dylan's music video for "Must be Santa."  It's one of the happier songs I've ever heard Dylan sing, but then again he didn't write it.  I kind of like it.  It's fun to see him hobble and dance around with an accordion player following him, very Midwestern.  I just hope that isn't his real hair.  I like the top hat and suit, but the hair is kind of scary and you can't stop looking at it and wondering if it's a wig or if it was straightened.  Happy Holidays!




Internet warrior said...

He'd be one creepy santa claus

Anonymous said...


Matt Klomp said...

This video is great, good to see the old timer still having a good time. I think it's also awesome that all of the proceeds from the Xmas album are going to a charity feeding American families during the holiday season. All the more reason to feel good about this one.

Anonymous said...

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