An Unlikely Diva: Susan Boyle to Release Debut Album

Susan Boyle's debut album is to be released tomorrow (Nov. 24th). She has, against the odds, reached stardom in the UK and her fans seem to adore her. In fact, Boyle's “I Dreamed a Dream” album has become Amazon’s most pre-ordered CD in history!! Is there anything wrong with this picture? Sharon Osbourne told a radio station in the U.S. that Boyle “has a voice, yeah, but, boy, has she been hit by the ugly stick". This is definitely in true fashion of Sharon Osbourne, though she later apologized for her comments. The truth remains that Boyle is majorly popular in other countries, but will she ever reach this type of fame in the U.S. where image is everything?

-Annie H.



Joy said...

Well, with those amazon presale numbers she must be doing somehting right. I agree us american's are pretty judgemental based on image, but I think that she will have some decent success here.

ttt said...

Shit, we embraced Momma Cass! Why not Miss Boyle?

Jodi said...

I think America will embrace true talent, underneath it all!