Eddie Vedder Gets Engaged; Pays Tribute to The Boss

Eddie Vedder is finally engaged to his longtime girlfriend. The Pearl Jam singer-songwriter popped the question Friday night in Washington D.C. The couple were in D.C. to attend the Kennedy Center Honors Gala where Vedder performed paying tribute to honoree Bruce Springsteen. The two already have two children together (Vedder and his fiancee, not Springsteen).

First of all, it’s awesome Vedder is engaged. Congrats. However I’m a little surprised. I never saw him as the marrying kind.  He’s already been married and divorced once, but that isn’t why I see him the way I do. I always saw him as the guy who didn’t need to get married to prove he’s committed to someone. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because it’s every alternative girl’s dream to marry such an iconic musician or because he’s such an outspoken liberal and activist I just didn’t think it was his thing.

Secondly, he’s performing for one of my personal favorite artists: Bruce Springsteen. A night with three of my favorite men: Eddie Vedder, Bruce Springsteen, and Barack Obama. Even Obama recognizes the influence Springsteen has had saying, “Only a handful of people have tapped the full power of music to tell the American story... One of those is Bruce Springsteen...I’m the president, but he’s the boss.” Springsteen may be honored this year, but I know Vedder’s time will come.



50 Records said...

This was Rachel's last post to the 50 Records Blog (indefinitely). We'd like to thank her for all her contributions and wish her luck in Milwaukee.

Libby said...

Barack n roll in the USA!

I and I alone said...

Good for Mr. Vedder. Is his fiance famous?