Southern Comfort (SXSW)

This march, if you listen closely you will hear a thousand sighs of relief emanating from students and business people around the country. Each year legions of music lovers, industry leaders, students, CEOs, mothers, fathers, son, and daughters throw their belongings into an overly large plaid suitcase or a rundown back-pack with one destination in mind Austin, Texas. It doesn't matter what phase of life you currently occupy, each and ever person has the same goal in mind when heading down to this countries most prominent music festival, to listen to music till their heads explode, meet more people and forget more names than they had in the entire year, and to have an incredible time.

South by SouthWest has transformed the music/media landscape and it comes at the most perfect time of the year, a time when business men and women's vision becomes blurred due to the constant starring at their computer screen and at a time when students are allowed a breath of fresh air, also referred to as Spring Break. Where else can vacationers relax, have a few beverages (or several), meet new and intriguing people, experience ground breaking technology/media, drink a coffee with than listen to the best musicians, and gain a tan, all in one place? This March, when you feel like you need a break or are granted a temporary time for enjoyment don't forget about the little southern capital of Texas, Austin.



mac th' knife said...

You should check out their website http://www.sxsw.com/

toxicreine said...

Cannot wait for this! I hear rumors of The Matches, Spill Canvas and Limbeck attending. Also am quite pumped to be able to see 50 records artist, Elevation, as they live so far from Minnesota. :[