50 Records Announces Regional Distribution Agreement With Weaver at the Loom

Minneapolis, (January, 2008) – We announced today that we have finalized a regional distribution agreement with the Minneapolis-based band, Weaver at the Loom.

“I want to work with Weaver at the Loom because they have a great deal of depth to their song writing abilities. The members of the band are hard working and dedicated. Their music exudes ambient and instrumental sounds similar to Radiohead, showing signs of pop appeal. Weaver at the Loom’s dynamic live show really personifies the album,” said Drew Pearson, Director of A&R at 50 Entertainment.

Weaver at the Loom joins Minneapolis band White Light Riot, and Atlanta band Elevation on the 50 Records label. Weaver at the Loom is on tour this winter with Giants, a Chicago-based band.

About Weaver at the Loom
In a musical community that often thrives upon conformity, Minneapolis-natives Weaver at the Loom is making progressive strides away from constrictive genres and templates. While maintaining a coinciding attitude of respect for the classics, they have attempted to reshape what is already timeless. Mixing the harmonious and atmospheric elements of groups like Explosions in the Sky and The Album Leaf with the songwriting grace of compositional masters Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay, the group's first release I Was Searching and I Found is one of the most uniquely beautiful pieces of music to come out of Minneapolis this year. See: WATL's Myspace.


Jodi said...

When I took a listen to WATL, my impression was a complete WOW! This band does have a strong Radiohead feel but I also get a taste of Keane, a very talented UK trio. There is no place to go but up for this group of talent!

toxicreine said...

Weaver is definitely a band to watch. They offer such a different musical experience for the musical community. They have a lot of potential. I cannot wait to see what they have in store, and am excited that 50e gets to work with this great band!