Bob Schneider

I recently attended a Bob Schneider concert while in Austin. Previously I had not been an avid singer/songwriter/folk devotee, but after receiving a gift of Bob's c.d. a month ago, my appreciation for the genre re-materialized. The venue was an old church in downtown Austin. Inexpensive, headache-inducing wine was being served alongside a smorgasbord of church baked goods. Naturally, I felt this was a once in a lifetime sacrilegious experience, and therefore partook in both a plastic cup, filled to the top, of cheap white wine-- and a very large bland brownie. Although the culinary experience was disappointing, Bob Schneider was not! The acoustics of the church amplified his melodic voice to a new degree of enlightenment. And although he appeared to be rather sad (maintaining a poignant stare towards the back of the church the majority of the concert) the vocals emitting from him were optimistically sweet. The c.d. proved an injustice to the skill Schneider fashioned.

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Jodi said...

I don't consider myself to be much of a folk fan either. I have heard of Bob but never listened to his work. I do have to agree, whatever life event you are experiencing, monumental or mundane, the perfect touch of a performance that moves your soul changes everything!