50 Records Interns Travel to South by Southwest Music Festival

While many bands will start to travel to the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas in earlier March, a different yet still as dynamic group of people will join them on the road. 50 Records announces today that they will be sending a group of 10 interns and staff members to the South by Southwest music festival via Winnebago to help present 50 Records South by Southwest Day Show with Zude, a new social media network.

The group will depart from Minneapolis on March 11th and will document their journey south using daily video blogs that will be posted on numerous web and blog sites including www.myspace.com/50records, 50records.blogspot.com and sxsw.ning.com.

“This documentary is meant to showcase the trials and tribulations of mixing both work and pleasure at this year’s South by Southwest Music and Media Conference. The documentary will illustrate the journey and experience of a group of people trying to maintain a constructive demeanor at a conference known for its laid back fun-loving atmosphere. The collection of ten travelers are sure to face challenges while bonding, learning, growing, and having fun, elements unseen by most South by Southwest attendees. Rarely do people get to observe such honesty from behind the scenes of record labels. Being young, independent, and groundbreaking contributes elements guaranteed to make this an exceptionally candid, entertaining, and enjoyable documentary,” says Marc Tobin, A&R Coordinator for 50 Records.

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