My Itunes Top Ten

I recently checked the play counter on my laptop's Itunes. Since I don't have an Ipod (and never will hehe), I play almost all the music I listen to off of my computer. I have to say I was kind of suprised by what I found out. Take a look:

10. "The Rascals Have Returned" - Trevor Hall
9. "Pedigree" - Brother Ali
8. "Bullet and a Target" - Citizen Cope
7. "Taxi Driver" - Gym Class Heroes
6. "Love Cats" - The Cure
5. "One of These Things First" - Nick Drake
4. "Smoothie Song" - Nickel Creek
3. "Knock on Wood" - Justin King
2. "Good Times (sick pimpn')" - Atmosphere
1. "Between the Lines" - Atmosphere
*In order to protect my musical dignity, I'm not including how many times these songs have been played.

Not really what I expected, but not that weird I guess. Pretty standard stuff. Justin King is the one musician on that list that not everyone is familiar with. He's an acoustic guitar visionary, he does things to his guitar that very few people can do. For example:

I also discovered that the full album that I have listened to the most from first track to last is The Best Of The Gipsy Kings. Since I only listen to it when I'm studying, I now have a new-found sense of academic pride. ha.

Check your Itunes play counter out, see what you've listened to...you may be suprised.


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