Now You've Got Me Going!

So I had to check my iTunes Top 25 Most Played and boy, was I surprised!

1. Velvet Revolver-She Builds Quick Machines
2. Coldplay-Fix You
3. Atmosphere-That Night (I still get goosebumps every time I listen to the lyrics).
4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Weight of the World
5. Divorcee-So I Go
6. Atmosphere-Musical Chairs
7. Brad Byrd-Driven
8. The Cinematics-Chase
9. Editors-Blood
10. The Fags-Truly, Truly
11. The Killers-Sam's Town
12. The Killers-Exitlude
13. The Knives-Around the Block
14. Pete Yorn-Georgie Boy
15. The Redwalls-Front Page
16. The Strokes-Red Light
17. The Vines-Fuk Yeh
18. The Alarmists-Good Advice
19. Amy Winehouse-Love is a Losing Game
20. Ash-Clones
21. Atmosphere-The Number One
22. Atmosphere-Get Fly
23. Badly Drawn Boy-The Way Things Used to Be
24. Brad Byrd-Never Came Back
25. Calla-Imbusteros

Uh, who's iPod is this?!?
-Mistress AMG

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