Why Myspace is Still Essential

Alright so I have a lot of artists who come to me, and ask if they still need Myspace. Some come to me and ask if they still need any physical distribution of their music. Personally, I say why not do both, but just like in college have a major and minor. Figure out which one you will devote 80% of your time/money, and 20% to the other. Going in 50/50 has gotten a lot of people fucked (excuse the language, but its just the truth). Going 100% in one direction is no good either for your losing revenue from a potential of millions. A potential because it all depends on talents and consumers' tastes.

Now comes Myspace. This to me seems a little low, but all the statistics are from January 2008. Myspace has over 110 million users around the globe, with an average of 300,000 new people a day. There has been over 14 billion comments, and more than 8 million artists.

How do you stand out with 8 million artists? Easy, be better than them. Have the 7 second rule for your starting song, if the song just doesn't catch my interest within 7 seconds I move on. There has been a few successes, but do not use your Myspace as the only selling tool for your album. You can promote it, but don't have people buy off Myspace. Instead you should link them to your official page. Myspace is really a promotion site for your artists, not generally a selling tool. Every artist I have seen selling off their Myspace using Snocap or something else doesn't know of the better tools like Nimbit, Reverbnation, or even Amazon. Plus why should I be interested in your music if the artists themselves do not invest the time/money into their art? I mean doing a little research can be great. You can find so much great stuff that can be essential to an artist's career, but not too many people do that. Why? They think "talent" alone can get you a deal and make you money. Wrong! You need sites like Myspace/Facebook and other social networking websites to network and get your music in the ears of listeners.

Myspace is so over saturated that every time I get a band's request now on my personal page I just decline it unless they have a cool name or profile page looks legit. On my business page, I accept everybody but rarely check their music unless the friend request is followed up with a comment or a message. This shows you're interested in every fan. Mass friend adds is so "last year". Now you have to express personality with the message. Anybody can copy and paste to make it personal, but what if you search for… let me say a random artist, Jay-Z. Lets say I still hate Jay from the studio beef between him and Nas, so in my favorite artists section I put, "Nas is the best, fuck Jay-z" (excuse the profanity again, that was taken from somebodies profile as is.). Now you do a search of profiles for Jay-Z fans, and my name pops up, and you say Hey, saw your a fan of Jay, I sound similar check me out. I would probably delete and report spam just because your trying to be personal and your not.

So pretty much, use myspace for a marketing tool to promote your music/shows and have links to pages where fans can purchase music/tickets. Merchandise is in the same boat. If you do all of the above and you still are not getting a piece of those 14 billion comments from your fans now "friends", than check your style of music, the way you added people, your quality, or just the people you send the request to. Be smart with your Myspace, and Myspace will pay you back. Be dumb with your Myspace, and your one of the people who still think it doesn't matter. It's just a tool, use it, don't live it.

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