Spilled On Canvas, Music Marketing For 21st Century Bands

Sioux Falls, South Dakota natives The Spill Canvas have taken on a strategy that may not be new to some, but is essential for thriving in the music industry today. When visiting the band's website you see traditional content such as news, tour info, lyrics, street team, and a store. The game changer is how they have set up their fan club.

The take action now style of copywriting says it all, "Now there are two ways to get all over The Spill Canvas!" Within their fan club, they have two tier levels of interaction and access.

Free Basic Account:

Build Your Own Spill Canvas Profile, Put Yourself On The Spill Canvas Map, Comment and Communicate With Other Spill Canvas Fans, and Get The Latest Spill Canvas News Sent To Your Inbox.

All very common elements, but executed with some with new twists. It is within their official fan club membership for $19.99 that they lower the barrier of adoption for their true fans. They give clear incentive for joining because when looked over its almost common sense.

Paid Advanced Account:

All The Free Benefits, A $20 Gift Certificate To The Spill Canvas Store, Access Exclusive Content (Personal Videos From Band And Unreleased Tracks), Fan Club Only Contests, Access To Fan Club Member Only Merchandise, Interaction With Other Spill Canvas Fans, and Upload Your Fan Photos and Blog.

If you were already in the market to buy something and like any music fan, you want the biggest bang for your buck, The Spill Canvas pricing strategy works in your favor. There are two Limited Edition versions of "No Really, I'm Fine", each accompanied by their own exclusive t-shirt for $20. It is the same cost of gaining access to the Official Fan Club, which in turn you would get the gift certificate so you could get the membership and the CD/t-shirt combo.

Andrew Dubber, blog author of New Music Strategies, has an e-book out called "20 Things Your Must Know About Music Online." In this, he addresses critical points that The Spill Canvas have build into their online marketing strategy.

By embracing Web 2.0 they've made their website an environment where people can gather, connect, and interact rather than a destination or sales brochure. Through reward and incentive they are giving fans a reason to consider joining the club and spending money. Within a single transaction they are dramatically increasing the frequency of their interaction with the fan which allows them to sell the relationship, not the product, and provides them with a platform that could lead to further purchases from that person.

If this is, music in the 21st century, what other elements do you think are essential for marketing your music today?

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