Free is Free?

According to Sheryl Crow, “Good is good and bad is bad, but you don’t know which one you had”.

Is free good or bad? Does free = nothing? We live in a time and place where “free” is just a tool to get something back. It seems Sheryl is using her clout to attempt to get a zillion people to get out and vote under the “Rock the Vote” campaign.

I support “Rock the Vote” campaign as bringing awareness to the importance of democracy and I support free music as a tool to get people to embrace artistry but I don’t support her attempt to fuel her ego with a free download of “Gasoline” if you give away your email address. Of course the boxes are auto checked to subscribe to getting updates from sherylcrow.com and rockthevote.com. Isn’t un-checking those check boxes backwards voting???

Have you read the lyrics on that track? It isn’t one of Sheryl’s happy-go-lucky tunes we are used to hearing. She certainly shows her views of the oil industry and governments “ways”. Uh huh, that tells you something… Hey did I mention, get three friends to sign up and score her new album for free?

I’m sure her record label will be counting the email addresses and votes for Sheryl’s camp. It looks like we have a bunch of free givers asking for stuff, WTF? I think the price I pay for giving my information away equates to costly.

At what point in time will greed give away to free giving? Why is there a price to be paid on everything?

“Oh everybody, devil take your money, Money’s got no hold on me. Cuz oh, oh everybody’s making love, Cuz love is free”, Sheryl says…

Sorry Sheryl, tricks are for kids and making love made me lose my husband, my job, my house and my life. So much for free...


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50 Records said...

My info is priceless and I never give it away for free!--Mistress AMG