Give a Mouse A Cookie (Keveeno's Look @ Myspace Music) Part 2

After midnight, and a few drinks… I do not see a major difference yet? Now myspace was a site full of music before, and now I am becoming skeptical on how much of a difference maker this will be. Will it be a competitor to iTunes? Or will it fall like every other plan for music that has come out since iTunes launch that is still not successful compared to P2P sites in sharing music, but is the best one when compared to money to the record labels as well as the artist and mouse's.

Will launch a part 2 with a lot more information and a lot less intoxication. Till then…

What has come of a new plan will either thrive or fail but what has come is a new plan. Until we give up, new idea's are needed, so even though the cookie as an asterik*... and until I find more, this cookie comes with a question mark. So before we accept this plan as the 3rd coming of Jesus, we have to remember that it is something that has been thought of but never put into action. So with Myspace's power, this has a chance at an impact and it has me excited. I will check it out more tomorrow with coffee and Advil, and until more information has been found, this is…

From the mind of

Keveeno Reeverts

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