Give a Mouse A Cookie (Keveeno's Look @ Myspace Music) Part 1

*May require a service download, a lot of commercials, and the same shit you can hear on the radio free.

Myspace Music will launch for the first time in about an hour or less, so it will launch before I finish this. So I will write about what I know of the leaked version. Basically its a new music service where everything is on myspace, and you can hold up to 100 of your favorite songs (good idea) on your page. Share your music and through a means I don't understand, they will pay the artist (label/manager/distributor/their mama/their rent/and even pay for a new cookie) a sum of less than a penny for a hit. That takes a step back from the millionaire artists to thousandaire artists through this method. Now being a thousandaire is no joke. That can buy you chipotle and maybe a year or 2 of rent. Information on this is scattered, but this is one of the screen shots I got from Tech crunch:

It shows the music player looking different. Can't tell but it seems you can buy the DRM free (meaning you can transfer it anywhere) from amazon.com and it has a add function that if added hopefully can pay the artist per play as well. Imagine a top hit song, added by a million people, played 20 million times… that can get the artist maybe a few thousand dollars. Which is good considering CD's probably will not get you anything anymore, and after free… most people don't want to pay anymore (the majority does not pay, and if you do thats good. But by "majority" I mean people around the teen to older teen (24 and below). We'll see how this goes on launch, and I call it "give a mouse a cookie"* because after being able to download music for free, why would you want to listen to it with restrictions and all these rules after pretty much being able to do anything. They should start calling them Record Labels* because do they even want records as their main income anymore?
To be continued...

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