In a world where everything is based off of what has worked and what has not, it shows that no idea can ever be completely original. It is all about taking on the challenge of what has worked in the past and using it in the present to make it work for the future. No idea should ever be the same. The work should never be done. What worked yesterday will not work today, but pieces of it will.

Take the music industry and how it is working today. It is a mutated mix of what has worked in the past. No longer do the majors have the pull that they have used to monopolize the industry. The indies have come up from bands managing themselves to smaller versions of majors with less overhead and more chances at free publicity, but at the cost of having to battle countless others for consumer attention. What costs will the music industry have to incur to get back into its original form or a mutated version with the same results? Do we give up on plans to recreate the original results thanks to everybody's true love, the internet? Or do we not only change the process, but also our expectations and expand the process to include other ways to at least recreate past success?

Another question: Do we redefine "success"? In music, can "success" be the artist that is heard by millions of people, making a million bucks, or just having a huge crew that live and die by their side?

You live by the past, you die by the past. In industry, no matter which one you are in, you need to take past memories that you have experienced to allow a change. I've always said "out with the old, in with the new", but I was only partially correct. Out with the original blueprints, but in with updated versions. You need to take the past to change them into something that is new rather than just follow the old plan.

Yesterday, everybody is on myspace. Today, take it and add the friends and than converse with them.

Yesterday, people started to write blogs. Today, take your blogs and converse with the people who comment to argue your point.

Yesterday, we had a president with another generation of experience. Tomorrow, we need change

Yesterday, we had a business strategy that worked, made people billions. Today, that same plan does not work but people still pimp the old way. Tomorrow we need change.

Take your past memories and expand, but never let the memories die...

From the mind of

Keveeno Reeverts

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