The Story of Limbo after Graduation (part 1)

*This story may or may not relate to me or anybody else, but it will relate to the growing trend of fatigue from recent graduates working their way into the music industry.

Joey graduated from a school specializing in music and production. He got a full entertainment business degree from the school, and came out with aspirations of running his own business and making a lot of money while helping artists get what they need. He waited a month after graduation and got a great internship from an indie label, but it was non-paid. Joey loved the job but he needed to pay rent. He believes that to become rich you have to have that mindset that you will get it eventually, so Joey is a few thousand in debt, not counting the loans piling up and rent that is being paid right before late fee’s apply. He refuses to go back home on the far west coast, because of the fact that he knows if he does, than his music dreams will die and he will go back to the same things he did before he moved to the place he is at now.

The school he went to lead him on with big dreams of making it with a few teachers showing that it is not that easy. Now Joey also has a non music job with the music internship and that job is fatiguing him worse to the point where paying the rent and bills is all that matters. Music is slipping from Joey’s mindset when that was all that was on his mind. Its the limbo of a graduate, and what to do now? The internship is great, but the job pays the bills. If he doesn’t pay the bills, and he moves back home, then music and jobs will not be the only thing he has to worry about.

So I do not know if this story relates to most graduates, or if it relates to anybody. Limbo happens to most after graduation, but its about the motivation and passion of the person to keep going or fall. Some fall worse than others, and some have backup plans. Joey’s one passion is music, but with bills to pay Joey is becoming passionless. Priorities are becoming less and less a priority in the fact the priority list is now skewed. Has the music industry become so fucked right now that with so many opportunities there is almost none that are open? What will Joey do when the day job takes over his passion as it does to so many?

To be continued...

From the mind of

Keveeno Reeverts



courtney said...


By the time I have another day off, I'll have worked for three straight weeks. Not that I work full days or anything, but it makes for no real downtime to get anything real accomplished for myself.

I think this is how the industry weeds out some of the weaker ones, without even meaning to. If you still have the passion to get things done, even if it means getting four hours of sleep a night, you know you're meant to be doing this. If not... find another day job.

Keveeno said...

That is true. The weak die off, and the strong survive. Sort of the Darwin type theory.

Jodi said...

This story is amazing. How come colleges get rich off of poor peoples dreams? College is the biggest scam facing America today.