A Brand of Band - Part 2

-Look at the Beetles in their day. They were compared to a religion. They had people who murdered to be able to go to their shows (not literally) and had fans that would camp out just to see them.

- Look at Lil Wayne now. He is huge! People want him on their album and he is willing to put his name out there. Will his fame fade? All depends if he ever decides to quit.

Lil Wayne's Discography

-The Jonas Brothers is now one of the biggest brands. Connecting with Hannah Montana and Disney has been a merchandisers dream.

-Battling the merch and brand even has its branding. One of my personal favorite artists, Immortal Technique is a good example of fighting the mainstream with good results. His music is politically motivated. Immortal Technique connects with millions of Americans on day to day issues that they deal with.

Immortal Technique's album "The 3rd World"

A brand is an image that artists either keep or drop (name another Sir Mix A lot song other than "Baby got Back"). People say artists sell out when they re-brand themselves for the mainstream, so starting with a credible brand is key for any artist or band. A brand of a band is like something you live with. Their are a few exceptions. Instead of hits we have niche’s and demi-hits, and its about finding your own and making it big there. Specific Branding.

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Keveeno Reeverts


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courtney said...

Branding bands isn't a terribly new concept, but I think you made an excellent point about starting with a credible brand so you don't appear to be selling out later. It's not like successful companies haven't rebranded themselves in one way or another, but most of them changed because of current markets and the economy, to find a new angle-- not to completely change their image. If a band can define who they are and then continue to develop as they grow, hopefully it won't be seen as selling out, but as evolution.