Really LC, really!?!

For those of you that have not been keeping up to date on the The Hills lately, BIG news is happening in the Hollywood Hills of California. LC (Lauren Conrad) is becoming the exact person she so openly despises; a bad friend (gasp)!! Yes, it is true, that the quick to judge LC is becoming one of the shows biggest hypocrites and, personally, in my opinion, a worst friend than even Heidi Montag. The rumors are spreading faster than STDs in the Hills that LC actually hooked up with Justin Bobby, Audrina Patridge's on and off again boyfriend of 4 years! Poor heart broken Audrina was on Ellen yesterday explaining her confusion and hurt...I wonder how LC is going to respond!?! Are the rumors true? Will they still be friends? Will LC ever stop being such a drama queen?! Doubtful, but only time will tell! I am on Team Audrina! What about you; Team Audrina or Team LC?




courtney said...

I've never seen the show and generally don't follow the news about LC and her "friends," but I have to wonder how much of the drama is real and how much is created to bring people back to the show every season. I think the hype is as much planned out as the actual show is.

Oh wait. The Hills is supposed to be a reality show? Haha. That's funny.

t to the orrey said...

well i definitely follow "the hills" and i must say that this alleged tryst between justin-bobby and LC is only semi-shocking. i have to agree with courtney that this "reality" show is quite scripted. really? really!