Xzibit Vs. Michael Buble

There's a "story" floating around the internet right now (I read it HERE) about Xzibit and his apparent lack of respect for Michael Buble. The quote is:

"Michael Bublé and I were supposed to work together, believe it or not," Xzibit said Saturday at the Galpin Auto Sports Grand Opening in Van Nuys. "It was supposed to happen in Australia for a little skit on some late-night talk show, but it just didn't happen-thank god! I mean, I'm seriously an artist."

Maybe Xzibit was just relieved about not having to do some meaningless 'little skit,' but I don't think that's what he's talking about here. (I mean, who wouldn't jump at doing some 'little skit' on, oh, for example, Saturday Night Live?) I think the real relief came from escaping any contact with Michael Buble. Because, I mean, Xzibit is "seriously an artist."

It's not that I'm not a fan of Xzibit. Or that I am a fan of Michael Buble. I just can't stand it when artists try to diminish others' work because they're so arrogant, they think their music, their style, their lives are the only ones that should or do exist in this HUGE world of musical culture. Michael Buble doesn't do a whole lot of original material, which is what I imagine the comment was about, but he has been known to take some really different takes on well known songs-- think The Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love," with a big band. Not so unoriginal-- definitely not void of creativity.

So Xzibit, you SERIOUSLY need to shut your mouth.

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Jodi said...

Never heard of Xzibit but have heard of Buble...Obviously the first dude is a bit insecure.