You know you are an asshole when...

1. When you refer old people as “cuuuuute!!”

2. You wear T Shirts that say stuff like “the clowns are staring at me!!!” or “Alcatraz phsych ward”

3. You blog about your kids or what its like to have kids (as if having children is a novel concept that hasn’t occurred since the dawn of time.)

4. Dress shoes with destroyed denim

5. Do you leave scathing comments in the "Comments" sections of blogs and Web sites, even if you're commenting on something innocuous, such as an old Linkin Park video? When leaving such comments, do you use Internet pejoratives as "asshat"douchebag," and "'tard"?

6. Is your name Kylee, Tanler, Aiden, Savannah, Sierra, or Skylar?

7. Do your social networking “About Me” sections boast your interest in any of the following: sunny days, rainy days, kissing, AnYtHiNg SpElLeD In OpPoSiTe CaPs,

8. Do you wear neon while bike riding?

9. Do you own those white Kanye West sunglasses with the plastic lines ON THE LENS, which clearly have no practical function other wearing them for photographs, making a kissy face and throwing a sideways piece sign?

10. Blutooth headsets (sry Keveeno! Love you man)


*photo courtesy of Hot Chicks with Douchebags


courtney said...

Hmm. I thought Skylar was a "special needs" name.


Krista said...

I especially like the comment on the Kanye West sunglasses. They have them at Ragstock and I love watching the types of people that will actually try them on, very humorous.

t to the orrey said...

haha the dress shoes with the destroyed denim is so, so true. hilarious.