Impulse Music

When was the last time you purchased music on impulse? When you go to Target or any grocery store they have candy and other treats sitting there waiting for you to buy outside of your normal grocery list. I work part time at a grocery store and so many times while in line, people purchase those items. They pay hundreds for groceries, so what is 89 cents for a Twix? 89 cents lasts 20 seconds, and 99 cents can last a lot longer, so where has the music impulse purchase went? Why is 99 cents too much for a song? Sometimes 89 cents is too much for candy so people steal it and that is a given. I use to be a huge music-downloader, I won't lie. As time goes by and I have a little more money I can now purchase songs. I just bought the new Anthony Hamilton song "Cool" as a impulse buy since I could not find the full song on MySpace or YouTube.

My point? We need a way to put impulse back into music consumerism. If there was a way where we could sell music with limited buyers' remorse (create higher quality music?) it would be the best way to do it. If we punish, then people will continue to try and get their music for free. There has to be something that makes people feel good enough about the purchase to begin trusting there impulse again.

What would you suggest? How would you make people feel good about music and paying money for it?

From the mind of
Keveeno Reeverts


Tooth said...

Good post Keveeno. With your Anthony Hamilton example it looks like scarcity also affects impulse. Would you have purchased "Cool" if it had been on MySpace/YouTube?

courtney said...

I bought Jason Mraz's latest on impulse on this summer. Actually, I buy more on impulse than I ever used to. It's easier to do so now, with music stores on our computers at home.

Keveeno said...

The song was on myspace but the third verse was the demo version and not the real version, and the song was good but without the real third verse it was missing a main part. i still listened to it for a long time before it finally irritated me enough to just buy it.

Jodi said...

Guilt them into paying money for music! This is a dumb question probably but why don't artists put samples on flash drives? Sell 'em like a piece of gum...