Albums I Would PURCHASE if I had the Money

Now I don't judge any of you for downloading free music (hell, I do it on the daily when perusing music blogs), but it is a personal choice that if I want a full album I will go buy it. Not just the MP3s (I don't even own an iPod, I know...pathetic), but the actual physical version you can chew on and even throw out your car window if it's not up to par. Though I'll probably have to wait for my tax returns here is my list of CDs I plan on purchasing when I can...someday.

Brother Ali - "The Truth is Here" EP

Bon Iver - "Blood Band" EP

The Decemberists - "The Hazards of Love"

Jake One - "White Van Music"

Ben Folds - "Stems and Seeds"

Coldplay - "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends"

POS - "Never Better"

U2 - "No Line on the Horizon"

N.A.S.A. - "The Spirit of Apollo"

Grandmaster Flash - "The Bridge"

So what albums are worth your hard earned money?




Joy said...

I would add the new Morrisey record. Sort of a guilty pleasure of mine:)

Anonymous said...

3 Rhymesayers releases? You don't work for them do you?:) Good list though!

To0th said...

Guilty, I got a thing for local hip hop. What can I say? And P.S. I'd do some work with RSE anyday. Hollar at me Siddiq.

Tooth said...

p.s. Looks like I won't be getting the refund after all (it's actually quite the opposite). Screw taxes!