Kevin's Top 5 (#4)

Since I have been working on homework all weekend and week my mood was
a bit more calm. I found some amazing stuff for sitting, relaxing, and
appreciating! The selection reminds me of burned CD from a cool second
hand clothing store in a big city. Enjoy Y'all and let me know what
you think!

1. "The Rake's Song" - The Decemberists
2. "Pull Up the People" - M.I.A.
3. "Lay It Down" - Peter Bjorn and John
4. "Little Pieces" - Gomez
5. "When You Were Young" - Noisettes (Killers Cover)



Tooth said...

I've been drooling over the Rake's Song for the last few weeks. Dark and raw...like uncooked meat. Keep it up Kevin.

Will said...

Nice homework mix, though MIA would get me too amped to do anything productive:)