Concert Review: Fall Out Boy @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium (5/17/09)

I have loved Fall Out Boy since they were just starting to emerge in the Chicago Pop/Punk music scene. There are plenty of haters out there surrounding Fall Out Boy whether it is thinking they've sold out, they hate Pete Wentz, they think Patrick Stump sucks live, or that they just are not interested in their music in general. I am the kind of fan that could never start to dislike a band because of some ridiculous reason. All of these rumors were proved wrong by their show and actually made me love them even more. I had not seen Fall Out Boy Live since they toured with The Hush Sound, The Starting Line, and From First To Last so I was a very excited little lady. I was even lucky enough to be able to meet all of them at the Mall Of America at a meet and greet before the show, even if they were 45 minutes late. But when Patrick Stump told me he liked my anchor shirt it completely made up for those 45 wasted minutes.

Two of the opening bands are also a few of my favorites, Cobra Starship and All Time Low, so that made it even more exciting. Especially since those two bands I have seen live countless time in small club venues and have even been able to hang out with them after shows, it was cool seeing them being able to live out their dream and playing to huge crowds. And yet another thing to up the exciting and entertaining factor is that it was the last day of the tour. So everyone knows what that means, end of tour pranks. I got some good videos of the pranks, so I will share those here:

Pete Wentz imitating Gabe from Cobra Starship

Last song of the last date of the tour, enough said

All Time Low gets pranked at the beginning of their set

Fall Out Boy's whole point and reason behind this tour was to raise awareness of corruption and secrets kept throughout our country's political system. They wanted to make it known to all the fans in attendance, from the little 13 year-olds who are attending their first concert to the original Fall Out Boy fans, that we are the generation that can change things. That if we all rally together, we have the ability to change the world ourselves. They wanted people to get more out of the show than just going and watching some guys dink around on their instruments, they wanted us to feel something and make us realize we are part of something big. I think this is a real cool idea because it creates a sense of community between all those kids you see at all the shows you attend around town.

When we were waiting for Fall Out Boy to come out on stage there were video clips playing showing things from warfare on the front lines, to corporate executives in meetings. Fall Out Boy came out dressed as executives complete with suits and wigs. And they even had security guards with them. Even if in our case four of the security guards were members of All Time Low and Cobra Starship and were only wearing their boxer briefs, end of tour shows are way fun. After a few songs they changed and became more like their rockstar selves and explained to us what that was all about. I thought that they played a really good mix of songs from Take This To Your Grave, From Under The Cork Tree, Infinity On High, and of course their most recent LP Folie A Deux.

This is a clip of Fall Out Boy's opening videos and first song of their set


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Tooth said...

They sure curse a lot (in the videos) for their being so many younger kids there:)