Third Eye Blind This Sunday!

Hey everybody! I'm Sonja, a new intern at 50e.
I'm blogging to brag about the Third Eye Blind concert that I'm going to this Sunday. Its at First Ave, just a couple blocks away from us, and my brother is taking me for my birthday. We're both pretty severe 3eb fans along with another intern here, Hannah, who's also going the concert.
If you like 3eb, you might want to check out other artists that sound like them. iTunes pairs Third Eye Blind with popular artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Matchbox 20, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Dashboard Confessional and semi-popular artists like Jack's Mannequin, New Radicals, Sister Hazel, Something Corporate, and Brand New. But they also link 3eb to rising artists that I'm about to check out. They've got Matt Nathanson, State Radio, The Spill Canvas, Del Amitri (remember them?), Can't Hang, and All Time Low.
I personally love The Spill Canvas by first listen, but check them all!

In other news, I always check iTunes' free download of the week (located on their homepage) and have frequently downloaded their stuff. This weeks its Vib Gyor, a band consisting of 5 brits who have collaborated with bands like Sigur Rós, Radiohead and The Cure. Their song is "Fallen" and its got a background like The Cure and vocals like Marc Roberge from OAR.


P.S. Hannah will have a review of the 3eb show for you sometime next week!

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Sethem said...

Man, I wish I could get out to this show. I'm happy that 3eb is still rocking after all their commercial success in the early 90s.

p.s. I'm diggin Vib Gyor